Try the amazing Congratulations Cookies now in Pine-Hall!

Cookie bouquets can always be highly intricate and beautiful to look at, or they can be simple Congratulations Cookies in a beautiful box. How much money you have and how much time you have to spare are two factors that play a role in determining what kind of sweets and snacks you enjoy. 

Try Love Brownie Bites in a Heart Shaped Box. There are a total of 12 mouthwatering, hand-decorated Mini Heart Brownies, all in shades of red and white. A gift box as well as a gift voucher are included. After the success of these star brownie bites over the holidays, we decided to make these. Veronica's Treats has given a basic brownie a Veronica's Treats twist. Our hand-decorated chocolate-covered brownies are both delicious and beautiful. Tinted white chocolate is used to coat our favorite floury brownie recipe. Hand-decorating each piece is the final step. For every occasion, these brownies are wonderful gifts or party favors.

You can also try Cookies in an I Love You Gift Box. Twelve 3.5-inch "Heart-shaped butter sugar cookies in a platinum gift box with a crimson ribbon bearing the inscription "I Love You." Each cookie is individually wrapped in order to preserve its freshness. The gift card is also included. Sadly, there are no more messages for you at this time. Giving a cookie to a loved one on their anniversary is a sweet gesture that shows how much you care about them.


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